viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

Thanks Simon!!

uff, this is a difficult question, I have complicated feelings, the truth is that my experience learning English has been very difficult, is a subject that gives me a lot of work, it is hard for me to learn this language, the pronunciation is very difficult and I also is very difficult to hear people speak English. Learning English is like a nightmare, it is very frustrating not being able to do my homework as best as I am used to having good grades in other subjects, but my grades in English are very bad, I've got lots of reds in English and I hac feel very frustrated, but I must thank my dear teacher, has had enormous patience with me, and was concerned that mcuh I learn things I did not know before, and also is very comprehensive and always tries to lift me up . In my opinion English is the most difficult branch of the university, but is the subject in which I step in a better way, I enjoy it very much and I laugh all the fun things that makes the teacher is very nice to be on the subject Professor Simon, the game does not always for us to learn in a very didactic. I am happy that Simon is my English teacher.
Thanks simon.

jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

My best blog is of the My friend Nato

In my opinion the best blog of my friend is that of the Nato, I like your blog for many reasons. One reason is the design that has a blog, the wallpaper has many butterflies, and I would really like butterflies, I also like the color combine you have, is very nice to look at your blog.

Another reason of why I like this blog, is because it upload a lot of videos, these videos are very funny. The video that I liked most was "step up final showcase" this video is very special because it is the end of one of my favorite movies, I love it this movie and the best like is the protagonist of the film, he is very nice and dancing very good and with passiom.

The post that enjoyed most was the of her favourite day, for her the favorite day would be far from everything and everyone and on a mountain, I like much the idea of being alone on a mountain with the only company of nature, would be very relaxing.

One of the things that could change for improve blog is change the colors of the letter, because of this way her blog good look.

viernes, 12 de noviembre de 2010

My favorite game

hello friends, today is topic is to talk about my favorite game when I was a kid, I personally had fun playing a fun game, in the company of my friends and sisters, I have many fond memories of that time in my life when there were no concerns, which had no university assignments and tests, and when life revolved around the games. My favorite games were "hidden" and "pinch", the hidden is a game where everyone must find the best place to hide and a person must count to 100 and get out for children who are in hiding, this game was fun, and the "pinch" I liked that so he could run very strong, this game consisted in making equipment and had a team that ran out and the other team should pursue, it was very exciting and fun, I remember I laughed a lot with my friends. The best thing about being a little girl was able to run all day with my friends and enjoy the summer days, whereas now I spend whole days locked in the university or at home doing work, and I feel sorry for wasting time valuable also miss my childhood friends, we hardly see any and that is very sad, I wish I could regain cotact with them and their families, but it is very difficult, because many years have passed.

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

Isabel Allende

I think that she best chilean is Isabel Allende. She is a Chilean writer, daughter of former Chilean diplomat Tomás Allende and Francisca Llona, is considered the Spanish language writer most widely read.

Is a bestselling writer Chilean National Literature Prize 2010.
It has sold over 51 million copies and his work has been translated into over 27 languages.

Isabel Allende is work in organizing the United Nations agriculture and food, also release a famous play called "Ambassador", one of his best known literary works is the book "The House of the Spirits", this was his first novel.

I am a big fan of his novels, but my favorite book is "My country invented." This book talks about the nostalgia he feels isabel allende after being exiled from Chile, she sees Chile in an idealized manner, she talks about the landscapes, climate and the type of people who are Chileans. Book is very entertaining and easy to read, the first time I read a book she was in school, and from that moment that is one of my favorite Chilean writers.

She has been a very strong woman, because she had a hard life, suffered much for the exile and the death of her daughter Paula. If I had the opportunity to talk with like me she asked about his travels around the world, and his years in exile.

jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

A good job: air hostess

If I had to choose a job I would love to work on something related to my studies in geography, and to specialize in environmental issues. I like much the physical part of the race, but not the human. I wish I could travel around the world and get to know different landscapes and realities.

I find it very interesting natural phenomena, such as twister, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, earthquakes etc. And I would love to specialist in some of these areas, the geology or climatology, in order to have the necessary tools to study these phenomena.

But if I had to work outside the area of geography, I would like to be hostess of air hostess, since I was a little girl I dreamed of traveling around the world, I liked the uniform and bags that they used, in addition to I love my planes and I think it is a pretty fun job, because it would allow me to know beautiful places, experience other cultures and many people.

This work would cause me great satisfactions and I god will a person very happy.

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

My favorite Celebrity "Sebastian Bach" (L)

hello friends today will tell you which is the favorite celebrity, his name is Sebastian Bach, he was the lead singer of my favorite band "skid row" in 1987 this band is of singing de heavy metal. Sebastian bach was a 20 year old and was the men most attractive of the world. The mide 1,90 in height and has a long and very blond hair, her eyes are green and have a profile perfect. I like most is her beautiful voice, hear her sing when I feel that my heart goes out I feel many emotions when I hear his songs.

Sebastian Bach has performed with famous bands such as Guns N 'Roses, Metallica and Faith No More.

Sebastian bach is no longer a member of the band skid row, now the band is vocalist, but I can not get used to the new voice, is very difficult for me to forget the voice of Sebastian Bach, aired so much energy, passion and was so a wonderful experience to hear him sing. I would be very happy to talk with him, and to ask him how his life was famous, I like that I talk about his travels around the world.

I think that him is a person interesting because he to travel for all the world when he was young, I believe that the life of the rockstar is incredible and exciting.

In conclusion I love Sebastian bach, I love him blond hair, him body and him way of dancing.

jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

My eternal nightmare :(

hello friends, today I speak of a very complicated issue for me, but I identified too much, I have a serious problem with the English. English and I are not compatible, it is something that I find it hard to learn, usually I have no problem in university with other subjects, but the field of English I always costs too much and I have the worst grades, this is very frustrating and makes me in a bad mood.

I try to put all my effort to make me understand what the professor says, try to do my homework but still cost me a lot of work to do things right. I would love to learn English much, I feel very good mastering another language, but still not lost hope, is that it is very difficult, for several reasons, first is that I have a good knowledge base in English and second is because I have too shy to practice my pronunciation with others. I think very important to learn English and I think it opens up many job opportunities if you master this language, I think it would help me a lot for coping with the workplace.

The English have always been a nightmare for me since I was little I hated the subject of English, but when I go to college everything changed, because now I am happy the day Wednesday and Thursday when I have English classes because I have so much fun I find it very entertaining and my teacher is classes, this has motivated me to put more effort in learning.

jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

My perfect day in the French Polynesia

It is hard to think very very hard just a perfect day, there are so many things I had like to do in life. But what if Iam sure is that it should be a day outdoors in a beautiful place, with a landscape out of the ordinary, I would love to go to French Polynesia, that is always been my dream, I think it is a magical place and almost unreal.

The truth is that my perfect day I would like to spend it all alone, I have always accommodated the solitude, I am a person of many friends, but sometimes I enjoy the solitude and tranquility, is a time to reflect and meditate.

But if I had to choose a special person would choose my best friend with her I feel that I can share that experience, because it is the person with whom I feel more at ease and comfortable, there is always topic of conversation and lots of fun when we spend time together.

French Polynesia is a place so beautiful, so magical seems like a landscape from another planet, I take this opportunity here to visit all the places, beaches, and all its flora and fauna, also take this opportunity diving in these crystal waters, for to see the beautiful underwater world.

The day of the protagonist of the movie is very strong, is very distortion for me, I hope never live a day like is. I dont like the drungs, I feel very fear of the person that consume drugs.

miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

My favorite activity (L)

Hi friends today we speak of a subject I like very much, and which I am an expert, I love shopping in general I like to go to all kinds of shops, clothing, music and I also love going to the shops selling household items, such as "Home Ideas", where you can find many things to decorate your home such as lamps, ornaments, stuff for the bedroom as sheets, comforters, pillows and much more fun for all house, for example, kitchen, bathroom, living etc. I also love going to stores where they sell clothes, almost every week I go shopping, even to buy something little, it is an activity I enjoy, especially when I'm a little stressed or depressed. I prefer shopping alone, because I can see things calm and take the time necessary to choose what I want to buy.

I do not remember when was the first time you visit these shops, the truth is that in my family to all of us women like to shop, then my mother always went shopping with us even when we were very small.

The last time I was buying something today, buy a black vest, jeans that are very nice and buy some decorations for my bedroom in my favorite store "Home Ideas".

I feel that sometimes you spend a lot of money on shopping, but I think it's not a bad activity, the important thing is to have no debts, and only spend money you have.

sábado, 25 de septiembre de 2010

beautiful family memories

When I was a girl in my house to celebrate in a nice way, all field trips to a place called "Posilla" This is where my father was born and is a tradition going and to celebrate the holidays with this site the whole family gathered, and when I say the whole family, I mean parents brothers, uncles, cousins, grandparents, nieces etc. lamb is cooked many delicious things to eat, such as pies, pastries. While the children played with the farm animals, there were many chickens, horses, pigs, and I remember it was very fun to run behind them and try to achieve them, it was fun that we shared with our cousins during those holidays.

When we finished lunch, the women washed dishes and prepared men Chilean typical games where all the families involved, to different teams and it was really fun. One of my favorite games was the " yincana " was conducting a test track, where he had to run in a bag, then put his head in a plate with flour, an egg and then take back holding the egg with a spoon. Years were really beautiful and strange too, I think when I was little I enjoyed more this time, now it's all very boring, though as I enjoy with friends and family, but I think the essence of the holidays has been lost at least in my home, the family no longer meets before and are becoming ever more distant .

viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

student demonstrations

Hello friends today'll tell what I think of the student demonstrations that are so fashionable today. I think they are a good way to express, but it must be clear on things that are made. A couple of years ago I actively participate in the demonstrations by high school students, that was in the days when I was still at school. in these demonstrations are fighting against LOCE (Constitutional Organic Law of Education), and I think at that time very important things were achieved, but I do not think the same of the current manifestations, I disagree with the new law that wants to implement the MINEDUC (Ministry of Education), but I disagree with the measures of pressure that students have taken.

These measures include the suspension of classes, and violent demonstrations. I think these measures a few years ago might have turned pressure but now the country's situation is different and I q is achieved anything in the short term, and what is worse I feel the only ones to suffer will be the students we would not learn and that will affect the type of professionals we will be in the future.

I hope soon to solve the whole problem and hopefully the Ministry of Education does not approve the new law, because I would be directly harmed and also I like the fighting or who have had students and the police because the police are aggressive and do not differentiate between men and women and would be very unfortunate that some students were hurt for no reason.

jueves, 26 de agosto de 2010

The Best Book! Brave New World

Hello friends, today I will tell you about a book that really touches my heart, usually I read a lot, I like to amuse myself by reading a good book, I like the novels and science fiction, whenever I have free time I take to start a new book, the last I read was "Brave New World" Aldous Huxley, this book imagines a society that used genetics and cloning for the conditioning and control of individuals. In this futuristic society, all children are conceived in test tubes. They are genetically conditioned to belong to one of the five categories of population. Of the more intelligent the more stupid: Alpha them (the elite), the Betas (performers), the Gammas (junior employees), the Deltas and Epsilon (for hard labor.) 'The Brave New World "also describes what would be a perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of democracy, a prison without walls in which the prisoners would not sound to escape. A system of slavery where, thanks to consumer and entertainment, the slaves "would have the love of his servitude."

I chose to read this book, a very good friend recommended it, I found very interesting theme of the book and read it in a very short time, she used to read on the bus, on my way to college, and the nights before going to bed, I really recommend it, is a bit fantastic, but very good and I personally had so much fun reading it, I think that reading is important because it helps to have a better spelling and also helps you to expand vocabulary, I think it also helps to have more imagination.

jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

Alejandro Sanz (L)

I am a person who likes very much to know many places, I like to spend my time whith my friends and my family, I think that the best of the world is to enjoy your time and make all the that you like.

I have a remember very nice of a visit of the conciert of Alejandro Sanz, was when I have 14 years old, was a experience very nice, because I loving your muisc and too he!!

He is the only singer of romantic music that I listen, I feel many things when I listen your music and your lyrics, all his songs speak about history of the live and always have a songs specified for the moment exactly.

I remeber when to go the conciert, I go with my best friends kaviria, we were long time in a file 3 hours aprpoximately, but was very funny, because we talk with many people and we laugth very much.

He singer all his songs known,

When star the conciert, was very exciting, I remember that we was very happy, and singer all the songs. My favourite songs is name "my solitude and me", is a song that talk about a men that call a his woman, when she is with other men, the couple not can´t are together, is very sad, but is a history very nice.

In march of the present year, alejandro sanz to return to chile, but I can´t go to his conciert, I hope can go the next time.

jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

Free Fall

It is very difficult for me to choose a single activity, because there are many things I would do, but what I like best is to practice free fall, the reason for my choice is that I think is a very original and very exciting.

I think this activity is very interesting because it breaks all bounds of human beings. I think it's a wonderful experience and a unique in the world. I think many people are afraid to throw the plane, but if you use a parachute, I think there should be no problem.

Once I saw a movie where the protagonist practiced this activity, and said one thing that I find much logic, said that when jumping from a plane was as close to God that one might be, and it was the most amazing experience, where the human being could feel almost like a god.

I hope that when I become a professional can make my dream come true, but that is very necessary to have money and proper equipment.

Someday I hope to feel this sense of freedom, and I would like to have this experience with my best friends.

lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

My favorite book cover

My favorite work of art is the book cover of dawn, this is the fourth book in the Twilight saga, this book was created by Stephenie Meyer. She is a great writer, she has a good imagination and his books are very good. I like this cover because it shows the main characters of the book, her name is bella Swan and Edward cullen , he is my platonic love. I like the book cover very much because it shows the inmense love that exist between they two characters. He is a vampire and she a human, but she only like one things, convert in a vampire.
The first time that I see the book cover, was in the last years, all star when I went to the cinema and I saw the first part of the saga “Twilight”, since this moment I am fans and I read all books, I takes me 3 hours in read the first book and I read the four books in five days. This book cover is special for me, because is a history very nice, I always that see I cry very very much.

For me in particular I like this cover, for various reasons, first is the mystery in the picture, the colors are very dark, yet beautiful and Edward sobresaln in photography, isabella is so in love, with no concern But he knows that there are many dangers in the world and that he must protect his beloved.

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

My favourite website

Hello friends today I tell you what my favorite website, I must admit Iam a fan of Intrenet, I think it is a very efficient means of communication. I visit this site many times a day, so I can talk with my college friends, my friends and family, in having to take the phone.

On the Internet you can do all things in the world, you can shop, business transactions, you can sell things and most importantly is that it serves to keep you in touch with your friends and loved ones, but for me the best website is facebook, this is a place where you can get in touch with people around the world, here you share music, videos, photos, and you can share your experiences, it is also a very entertaining website because there are many fun games and many groups which you can join.

I personally think itis a very interesting site, but like all things always have some negative things, for example: this site is as big a network that sometimes you lose your privacy, and there are people who abuse this, but usually all very entertaining.

What I like about this site is allowing me to be connected with friends who live in other countries, but thanks to facebook and I never lose contact with them, I can always see new places they visit, and I can see how is your new home.

I am quite sure that my friends really like this site, because they spend all the time.

lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

My best vacation

The Vacations that I most remember are the last summer, when I went to the beach the Canelillo,this is a very nice beach has a very white sand, some very small waves, especially for swimming, a the most beautiful scenery and great is when you go way to the beach, because you must pass in between a forest very large tree, is a special place to take lots of pictures, that place I went for a period of a month, and I went with my best friends, kavi, and Marielita jovi, we planned a long time that holiday and raise money all year to be much vacation time.

We were so excited about our trip, the day we reached the beach first thing we did
was put on the bathing suit and went swimming in the sea, remember that it was very hot, and the beach had many people.

We woke early in the morning I remember that day we were all taking the afternoon sun, to achieve a perfect tan, but at night something funny happened to us, for the reason that we were deeply tanned, we hurt so much the body, it hurt us to the clothes, for this reason, the next day we got a lot of sunscreen to protect our body, remember that this day was unforgettable days were perfect from start to finish.

These visits were important to me, as happened after the earthquake that affected the south-central area of our country, and for this reason I now fear him a bit of the sea and I think I will be very difficult to return to enjoy the sea and beach after the tsunami.

viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

Hello friends today I will tell you how I felt on Monday in my dissertation. I decided to talk about my favorite, I love shopping is something that relaxes me too much, I thought it would be very easy because I studied a lot of my presentation, and perfectly understood everything I said, but at that moment I felt very very nervous I thought my heart pounded, and my body trembled from head to toe, I think if I had been more relaxed had left the dissertation perfect.

I usually get nervous when I do my presentations in university, but to me something very strange happening with the English, I have him too afraid to speak English, I can not speak in public too, in my house when I can talk and practical think in English, but when compared to another person etsoy I intimidated, and I feel that I forget everything, I hope some day I lose this fear, I much more complicated, because in my career will be very necessary.

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

My Eternal problem with the english

Today I will tell you how hard it is for me to learn English from a very small my father tried to teach him to speak English with petty things such as greeting in English, or say good morning.

The always wanted me and my sister we speak two languages, works in a hotel that welcomes tourists from around the world and we always talk about how important and necessary that is English in all parts of the world.

I never interested in learning, I spoke in English and although I understood what I was saying is, I answered in Spanish.

I am a person very structure, is for this reason that I can´t learn english, I can´t only listen to the teacher, I need after study, concept learn and before practice.

The only subject in the I am not good is english, because I not have kill.

When in the university my teacher simon, put the radio and we have that listen conversation, I never nothings understand, is very difficult for me, and I feel very frustrated, I occasions in that I think in overcome.

I hope that some day I can learnd english for pass english three.

lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

My favourite photo is with my best friend!!!

This photo was taken on March 6 of this year. This picture is
very important to me, and every time I watch I am very happy. I like this picture because I am out with my best friends I have known them for many years and have always been with me. That day we met to laugh and to talk of many things. I love looking at this picture when I miss.
The reason is that we all studied and often do not have time to get together, this is a very entertaining picture, and we were very happy when photography was taken. The not take any person, we wanted to have a photo together, it is for this reason that we put in automatic mode.
In this picture are my best friends, kaviria and jovi, but also my best friend erick, he is like the big brother I never had.
The place when was taken is la house of my friend jovi, that is her betroom, that day we were all day together, a delicious pizza lunch, and at night we share a new drink called "mistral ice" talked all night, and went to sleep at dawn. On Thursday again to arrange another meeting and I am sure the great pass, I do not know what would do without my friends, I am very happy to have you by my side.

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

My favorite place to visit

This is the hardest question I have had to respond, the reason is because very young I just think to travel around the world, one of the reasons I chose to study a degree in geography is to travel.

My favorite place is I like to visit Egypt, I dream to visit that place someday, I like to visit this country, for me I imagine that the culture of that place must be very different from ours and very misty. I really like to go to all the fairs Egypt where they sell the most beautiful ornaments for women is clothing, I would like to buy many tissues, and also buy lots of jewelry with precious stones. I'd like to visit the pyramids of Egypt and explore the desert in camel caravans.

I think it would be an interesting place to visit, because otramanera known to live life in this place a lot more people are believers and are very wedded to their culture, which is very different from what happens in chile, which increasingly is more influnciado by globalization. Also I must admit I love how women are dressed with all her jewels and dresses so pretty, I loved to be born hubeira me in this country.

lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

The Earthquake Of Pablo Corvera

One week before the earthquake I was in Constitucion with some friends in holidays. we are 5 friends in the house of one of them and we met a lot of people and beatiful places. One day before the earthquake three of us came back to Santiago, but the others two friends stayed there.
When I listened about the tsunami in Constitucion i tried to comunicate with my friends and o knew that a wall fell in one of my friend and he broke his leg, he is ok (SP)riath now. Also the tsunami flooded the house of my friend but he and his family are ok.

Almost (V) the places that I knew a few days (SP)bofore the earthquake were destroyed(Iloca, Consitutucion and Duao).
I have lucky from stay in Santiago and not in Conti.
Here in Santiago i was in a party in the moment of the earthquake and everybody in the party were scary, but everybody were ok, just some glasses and some plats broke.

In the morning when a went back to my house i couldn't take a bus and I sow a lot of walls from houses and building on the floor for example a school in Maipu and a church in Providencia. Not necessary(Ones) in my house i had to clean and order beacuse everything fell in my house.

I have never lived something similar, is very sad see the news in the TV and Know about the people (SP) hoo lost everything.

Check the blog of pablo corvera

Today I have to check the blog of Pablo corvera
your blog is very red and lots of green ajajaja is nice but I prefer
softer colors. Says he does not like to write a lot in his blog, but just as he does all its tasks.

The first task he did was tell his experiences in the earthquake, was a powerful experience. He had much luck in Santiago before traveling to the earthquake.

His second task, the told us what was your favorite movie, your favorite movie is the lion king, that is very sweet of you, I thought a movie would be more rude. I have never seen and people are impressed when I tell them.

His third task was to speak a story and chose the kiss between two players manshester united,is a very interesting history and a little funny.

In his fourth task he talk about things you enjoy doing in your free time, and not very incredible, because it is equal to all men, he like to play football and drink beer jajajjajajjaja ( is a joke little).

lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

My favourite activities

I have many favorite activities, it is very difficultly to choose only one, because I like practise a lot things and always I change of activities, it all depends in the place that I am in, for example when I am in my house I like watch to television, the reason is that in this moment I prefer relax. I am music lovers too and I listen to music everyday, my favourite groups is SKID ROW, I can´t listen to their music, without singing, but when I am in the country all is very diferent, because I did out door activities for to connect me with the environment.
I love ride a horse, is my favourite activities,I practice always when I go of visit my family(summer vacation).

My father is very good with the horse, he always learn me since I was child. I am now a expert and I am very quiet. I like ride horse, because I feel very free is always a nice experience, I love a horses, they are very loyal animals.

I hope someday to have my own horse to go for a walk every day to the countryside or along the beach, and spend many hours traveling to many places

domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

Eruption of a volcano in iceland

A volcano erupted in Iceland this has caused many problems such
as for agriculture and the closure of some airports, take strict
security measures to protect people, moved many people on ships, so
they can get to their countries residence, governments agreed to try
to overcome this moment of crisis in Europay its vicinity.

The notebook

My favourite movie is “The notebook”

This film is a history of love in where a young couple ( allie and noah) fall in love, they are of diferent social class, but their parents don´t accept their love. The couple suffer too much, and they separated.

Seven years later, allie think in marry, but she met noah , and she regretted geting married. The two young people spoke and decided to marry.

The story is told many years after the young Noah, when there is interned in a clinic, she has a disease called alzheimer, Noah ells the story of their love when they were young. noah repeats over and over again the story so that there can remember his past, they lived together in the clinic until very old, and one day they died together.

The first time that I saw the movie, was in the last year, I see with my boyfriend(L) I feel a lot sad, and I can´t stop cry, because is a beatiful history of love, but the history is very complicated and its protagonists suffer too much.

I like this movie, because is a history very real,and very exciting, I always see that movie, I the remember of memory, I think that is the best movie of century.

The diference with other films is that their love persists in time. I never saw
a love like this, I have never been happy in this way, in my life I have never felt a love in this way.

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

my earthquake experience

The day of the earthquake I was in a house with my friends very near of the beach. I am not afraid to the earthquakes, but my experience was very strong, and I feel a lot of fear, because I was far from my family.

Often started the earthquake I rushed to calling my friends and they went out of the house. We ran to ask for help and a very nice person, he took us to the road. I was at the edge of the tears, but luck I was with all my friends, I thought that would come a tsunami and that all would dead. I thank for being alive and that my family also . I think that chile is a very solidary country, and that it react of the best way, I feel very proud from the bottom of my heart to be Chilean. I think that my country was recovering soon of this great misfortune.

domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

My best friend

She is my best friend,her name is kaviria sanhueza, has 21 years of age, we have been friends for eight years, she is the best friend of the world, she is very funny and we never stop laughs.
Always we are going to many places together, to the cinema, to the shopping,to take ice cream, to dance, etc. We are like sisters, she all my secrets and I know them of her,She accompanies me in many moments of my life, when I am happy and when I am sad. I am sure that we will be friends the whole life, because we are like sisters.

viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

My favourite place

Hi friends, I will tell of a place called San Pedro of Atacama this is my favourite place, this place it is a very beautiful place, but all is very expensive overcoat the food.
I like because is very quiet for relax and take summer vacation, the first time I went was the summer of 2005. I travel with my family and two friends, was a nice experience. I lifted a horse and I go to visit a lot places, for example : moon valley, geisers of Tatio, and dead valley. The moon valley is very hot , in change the geisers of Tatio is very cold, I died of cold.
Is very pleasant walk for the surroundings and see the stars for in the nigth, is very romantic. The persons of that place is very warm and kind, I and my family I loving visit that place, in the next vacations I will go with my best friend kaviria and my sister.

lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

Welcome to Nicole's Things

Hello everybody
This is my blog, here you will find all my mad histories and innovations that I want to share with you.