viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

Thanks Simon!!

uff, this is a difficult question, I have complicated feelings, the truth is that my experience learning English has been very difficult, is a subject that gives me a lot of work, it is hard for me to learn this language, the pronunciation is very difficult and I also is very difficult to hear people speak English. Learning English is like a nightmare, it is very frustrating not being able to do my homework as best as I am used to having good grades in other subjects, but my grades in English are very bad, I've got lots of reds in English and I hac feel very frustrated, but I must thank my dear teacher, has had enormous patience with me, and was concerned that mcuh I learn things I did not know before, and also is very comprehensive and always tries to lift me up . In my opinion English is the most difficult branch of the university, but is the subject in which I step in a better way, I enjoy it very much and I laugh all the fun things that makes the teacher is very nice to be on the subject Professor Simon, the game does not always for us to learn in a very didactic. I am happy that Simon is my English teacher.
Thanks simon.

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