lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

My favorite book cover

My favorite work of art is the book cover of dawn, this is the fourth book in the Twilight saga, this book was created by Stephenie Meyer. She is a great writer, she has a good imagination and his books are very good. I like this cover because it shows the main characters of the book, her name is bella Swan and Edward cullen , he is my platonic love. I like the book cover very much because it shows the inmense love that exist between they two characters. He is a vampire and she a human, but she only like one things, convert in a vampire.
The first time that I see the book cover, was in the last years, all star when I went to the cinema and I saw the first part of the saga “Twilight”, since this moment I am fans and I read all books, I takes me 3 hours in read the first book and I read the four books in five days. This book cover is special for me, because is a history very nice, I always that see I cry very very much.

For me in particular I like this cover, for various reasons, first is the mystery in the picture, the colors are very dark, yet beautiful and Edward sobresaln in photography, isabella is so in love, with no concern But he knows that there are many dangers in the world and that he must protect his beloved.

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

My favourite website

Hello friends today I tell you what my favorite website, I must admit Iam a fan of Intrenet, I think it is a very efficient means of communication. I visit this site many times a day, so I can talk with my college friends, my friends and family, in having to take the phone.

On the Internet you can do all things in the world, you can shop, business transactions, you can sell things and most importantly is that it serves to keep you in touch with your friends and loved ones, but for me the best website is facebook, this is a place where you can get in touch with people around the world, here you share music, videos, photos, and you can share your experiences, it is also a very entertaining website because there are many fun games and many groups which you can join.

I personally think itis a very interesting site, but like all things always have some negative things, for example: this site is as big a network that sometimes you lose your privacy, and there are people who abuse this, but usually all very entertaining.

What I like about this site is allowing me to be connected with friends who live in other countries, but thanks to facebook and I never lose contact with them, I can always see new places they visit, and I can see how is your new home.

I am quite sure that my friends really like this site, because they spend all the time.