jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

My best blog is of the My friend Nato

In my opinion the best blog of my friend is that of the Nato, I like your blog for many reasons. One reason is the design that has a blog, the wallpaper has many butterflies, and I would really like butterflies, I also like the color combine you have, is very nice to look at your blog.

Another reason of why I like this blog, is because it upload a lot of videos, these videos are very funny. The video that I liked most was "step up final showcase" this video is very special because it is the end of one of my favorite movies, I love it this movie and the best like is the protagonist of the film, he is very nice and dancing very good and with passiom.

The post that enjoyed most was the of her favourite day, for her the favorite day would be far from everything and everyone and on a mountain, I like much the idea of being alone on a mountain with the only company of nature, would be very relaxing.

One of the things that could change for improve blog is change the colors of the letter, because of this way her blog good look.

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  1. Hi Nico, I agree with you. Nato's blog is nice, but Nato is my bets friend !! no your ! jhahaha
    love u