jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

My eternal nightmare :(

hello friends, today I speak of a very complicated issue for me, but I identified too much, I have a serious problem with the English. English and I are not compatible, it is something that I find it hard to learn, usually I have no problem in university with other subjects, but the field of English I always costs too much and I have the worst grades, this is very frustrating and makes me in a bad mood.

I try to put all my effort to make me understand what the professor says, try to do my homework but still cost me a lot of work to do things right. I would love to learn English much, I feel very good mastering another language, but still not lost hope, is that it is very difficult, for several reasons, first is that I have a good knowledge base in English and second is because I have too shy to practice my pronunciation with others. I think very important to learn English and I think it opens up many job opportunities if you master this language, I think it would help me a lot for coping with the workplace.

The English have always been a nightmare for me since I was little I hated the subject of English, but when I go to college everything changed, because now I am happy the day Wednesday and Thursday when I have English classes because I have so much fun I find it very entertaining and my teacher is classes, this has motivated me to put more effort in learning.

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