jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

Isabel Allende

I think that she best chilean is Isabel Allende. She is a Chilean writer, daughter of former Chilean diplomat Tomás Allende and Francisca Llona, is considered the Spanish language writer most widely read.

Is a bestselling writer Chilean National Literature Prize 2010.
It has sold over 51 million copies and his work has been translated into over 27 languages.

Isabel Allende is work in organizing the United Nations agriculture and food, also release a famous play called "Ambassador", one of his best known literary works is the book "The House of the Spirits", this was his first novel.

I am a big fan of his novels, but my favorite book is "My country invented." This book talks about the nostalgia he feels isabel allende after being exiled from Chile, she sees Chile in an idealized manner, she talks about the landscapes, climate and the type of people who are Chileans. Book is very entertaining and easy to read, the first time I read a book she was in school, and from that moment that is one of my favorite Chilean writers.

She has been a very strong woman, because she had a hard life, suffered much for the exile and the death of her daughter Paula. If I had the opportunity to talk with like me she asked about his travels around the world, and his years in exile.

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  1. Nico! I like Isabel Allende, but i don´t think that she is a good person xD just is a good writer xD her best book is " La ciudad de las Bestia" xD

  2. Hi Nicole
    Yes, Isabel Allende is a great chilean. But I have read only one book of her, "Casa de Espiritus" I think is called. Then I tried to read "Paula", my mother has it and I have no other book and I like to read a lot so, but I could not read, really, it was the worst thing I ever read or tried, but I guess I cannot judge hers books only for that one, but for that experience I have not tried to read anything else of her.


  3. I thinkg that she is not a great writter, she uses easy prose.

    Greetings ^^

  4. She has a very great books but a think the same that Nacho, she use very easy prose. her books are funny, her histories are funny but sometime when your are reading one of her book is become a little bit bored because her language is to basic so is too bored.

    for me she is not the best writter in Chile, but everybody with them opinions.

  5. I like very much read la casa de los espiritus C: kisses little javi !

  6. Good choice ! Our new Price national for Literature !