miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

My favorite activity (L)

Hi friends today we speak of a subject I like very much, and which I am an expert, I love shopping in general I like to go to all kinds of shops, clothing, music and I also love going to the shops selling household items, such as "Home Ideas", where you can find many things to decorate your home such as lamps, ornaments, stuff for the bedroom as sheets, comforters, pillows and much more fun for all house, for example, kitchen, bathroom, living etc. I also love going to stores where they sell clothes, almost every week I go shopping, even to buy something little, it is an activity I enjoy, especially when I'm a little stressed or depressed. I prefer shopping alone, because I can see things calm and take the time necessary to choose what I want to buy.

I do not remember when was the first time you visit these shops, the truth is that in my family to all of us women like to shop, then my mother always went shopping with us even when we were very small.

The last time I was buying something today, buy a black vest, jeans that are very nice and buy some decorations for my bedroom in my favorite store "Home Ideas".

I feel that sometimes you spend a lot of money on shopping, but I think it's not a bad activity, the important thing is to have no debts, and only spend money you have.

sábado, 25 de septiembre de 2010

beautiful family memories

When I was a girl in my house to celebrate in a nice way, all field trips to a place called "Posilla" This is where my father was born and is a tradition going and to celebrate the holidays with this site the whole family gathered, and when I say the whole family, I mean parents brothers, uncles, cousins, grandparents, nieces etc. lamb is cooked many delicious things to eat, such as pies, pastries. While the children played with the farm animals, there were many chickens, horses, pigs, and I remember it was very fun to run behind them and try to achieve them, it was fun that we shared with our cousins during those holidays.

When we finished lunch, the women washed dishes and prepared men Chilean typical games where all the families involved, to different teams and it was really fun. One of my favorite games was the " yincana " was conducting a test track, where he had to run in a bag, then put his head in a plate with flour, an egg and then take back holding the egg with a spoon. Years were really beautiful and strange too, I think when I was little I enjoyed more this time, now it's all very boring, though as I enjoy with friends and family, but I think the essence of the holidays has been lost at least in my home, the family no longer meets before and are becoming ever more distant .

viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

student demonstrations

Hello friends today'll tell what I think of the student demonstrations that are so fashionable today. I think they are a good way to express, but it must be clear on things that are made. A couple of years ago I actively participate in the demonstrations by high school students, that was in the days when I was still at school. in these demonstrations are fighting against LOCE (Constitutional Organic Law of Education), and I think at that time very important things were achieved, but I do not think the same of the current manifestations, I disagree with the new law that wants to implement the MINEDUC (Ministry of Education), but I disagree with the measures of pressure that students have taken.

These measures include the suspension of classes, and violent demonstrations. I think these measures a few years ago might have turned pressure but now the country's situation is different and I q is achieved anything in the short term, and what is worse I feel the only ones to suffer will be the students we would not learn and that will affect the type of professionals we will be in the future.

I hope soon to solve the whole problem and hopefully the Ministry of Education does not approve the new law, because I would be directly harmed and also I like the fighting or who have had students and the police because the police are aggressive and do not differentiate between men and women and would be very unfortunate that some students were hurt for no reason.