lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

My favourite activities

I have many favorite activities, it is very difficultly to choose only one, because I like practise a lot things and always I change of activities, it all depends in the place that I am in, for example when I am in my house I like watch to television, the reason is that in this moment I prefer relax. I am music lovers too and I listen to music everyday, my favourite groups is SKID ROW, I can´t listen to their music, without singing, but when I am in the country all is very diferent, because I did out door activities for to connect me with the environment.
I love ride a horse, is my favourite activities,I practice always when I go of visit my family(summer vacation).

My father is very good with the horse, he always learn me since I was child. I am now a expert and I am very quiet. I like ride horse, because I feel very free is always a nice experience, I love a horses, they are very loyal animals.

I hope someday to have my own horse to go for a walk every day to the countryside or along the beach, and spend many hours traveling to many places

domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

Eruption of a volcano in iceland

A volcano erupted in Iceland this has caused many problems such
as for agriculture and the closure of some airports, take strict
security measures to protect people, moved many people on ships, so
they can get to their countries residence, governments agreed to try
to overcome this moment of crisis in Europay its vicinity.

The notebook

My favourite movie is “The notebook”

This film is a history of love in where a young couple ( allie and noah) fall in love, they are of diferent social class, but their parents don´t accept their love. The couple suffer too much, and they separated.

Seven years later, allie think in marry, but she met noah , and she regretted geting married. The two young people spoke and decided to marry.

The story is told many years after the young Noah, when there is interned in a clinic, she has a disease called alzheimer, Noah ells the story of their love when they were young. noah repeats over and over again the story so that there can remember his past, they lived together in the clinic until very old, and one day they died together.

The first time that I saw the movie, was in the last year, I see with my boyfriend(L) I feel a lot sad, and I can´t stop cry, because is a beatiful history of love, but the history is very complicated and its protagonists suffer too much.

I like this movie, because is a history very real,and very exciting, I always see that movie, I the remember of memory, I think that is the best movie of century.

The diference with other films is that their love persists in time. I never saw
a love like this, I have never been happy in this way, in my life I have never felt a love in this way.

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

my earthquake experience

The day of the earthquake I was in a house with my friends very near of the beach. I am not afraid to the earthquakes, but my experience was very strong, and I feel a lot of fear, because I was far from my family.

Often started the earthquake I rushed to calling my friends and they went out of the house. We ran to ask for help and a very nice person, he took us to the road. I was at the edge of the tears, but luck I was with all my friends, I thought that would come a tsunami and that all would dead. I thank for being alive and that my family also . I think that chile is a very solidary country, and that it react of the best way, I feel very proud from the bottom of my heart to be Chilean. I think that my country was recovering soon of this great misfortune.

domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

My best friend

She is my best friend,her name is kaviria sanhueza, has 21 years of age, we have been friends for eight years, she is the best friend of the world, she is very funny and we never stop laughs.
Always we are going to many places together, to the cinema, to the shopping,to take ice cream, to dance, etc. We are like sisters, she all my secrets and I know them of her,She accompanies me in many moments of my life, when I am happy and when I am sad. I am sure that we will be friends the whole life, because we are like sisters.

viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

My favourite place

Hi friends, I will tell of a place called San Pedro of Atacama this is my favourite place, this place it is a very beautiful place, but all is very expensive overcoat the food.
I like because is very quiet for relax and take summer vacation, the first time I went was the summer of 2005. I travel with my family and two friends, was a nice experience. I lifted a horse and I go to visit a lot places, for example : moon valley, geisers of Tatio, and dead valley. The moon valley is very hot , in change the geisers of Tatio is very cold, I died of cold.
Is very pleasant walk for the surroundings and see the stars for in the nigth, is very romantic. The persons of that place is very warm and kind, I and my family I loving visit that place, in the next vacations I will go with my best friend kaviria and my sister.