jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

A good job: air hostess

If I had to choose a job I would love to work on something related to my studies in geography, and to specialize in environmental issues. I like much the physical part of the race, but not the human. I wish I could travel around the world and get to know different landscapes and realities.

I find it very interesting natural phenomena, such as twister, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, earthquakes etc. And I would love to specialist in some of these areas, the geology or climatology, in order to have the necessary tools to study these phenomena.

But if I had to work outside the area of geography, I would like to be hostess of air hostess, since I was a little girl I dreamed of traveling around the world, I liked the uniform and bags that they used, in addition to I love my planes and I think it is a pretty fun job, because it would allow me to know beautiful places, experience other cultures and many people.

This work would cause me great satisfactions and I god will a person very happy.

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

My favorite Celebrity "Sebastian Bach" (L)

hello friends today will tell you which is the favorite celebrity, his name is Sebastian Bach, he was the lead singer of my favorite band "skid row" in 1987 this band is of singing de heavy metal. Sebastian bach was a 20 year old and was the men most attractive of the world. The mide 1,90 in height and has a long and very blond hair, her eyes are green and have a profile perfect. I like most is her beautiful voice, hear her sing when I feel that my heart goes out I feel many emotions when I hear his songs.

Sebastian Bach has performed with famous bands such as Guns N 'Roses, Metallica and Faith No More.

Sebastian bach is no longer a member of the band skid row, now the band is vocalist, but I can not get used to the new voice, is very difficult for me to forget the voice of Sebastian Bach, aired so much energy, passion and was so a wonderful experience to hear him sing. I would be very happy to talk with him, and to ask him how his life was famous, I like that I talk about his travels around the world.

I think that him is a person interesting because he to travel for all the world when he was young, I believe that the life of the rockstar is incredible and exciting.

In conclusion I love Sebastian bach, I love him blond hair, him body and him way of dancing.

jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

My eternal nightmare :(

hello friends, today I speak of a very complicated issue for me, but I identified too much, I have a serious problem with the English. English and I are not compatible, it is something that I find it hard to learn, usually I have no problem in university with other subjects, but the field of English I always costs too much and I have the worst grades, this is very frustrating and makes me in a bad mood.

I try to put all my effort to make me understand what the professor says, try to do my homework but still cost me a lot of work to do things right. I would love to learn English much, I feel very good mastering another language, but still not lost hope, is that it is very difficult, for several reasons, first is that I have a good knowledge base in English and second is because I have too shy to practice my pronunciation with others. I think very important to learn English and I think it opens up many job opportunities if you master this language, I think it would help me a lot for coping with the workplace.

The English have always been a nightmare for me since I was little I hated the subject of English, but when I go to college everything changed, because now I am happy the day Wednesday and Thursday when I have English classes because I have so much fun I find it very entertaining and my teacher is classes, this has motivated me to put more effort in learning.

jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

My perfect day in the French Polynesia

It is hard to think very very hard just a perfect day, there are so many things I had like to do in life. But what if Iam sure is that it should be a day outdoors in a beautiful place, with a landscape out of the ordinary, I would love to go to French Polynesia, that is always been my dream, I think it is a magical place and almost unreal.

The truth is that my perfect day I would like to spend it all alone, I have always accommodated the solitude, I am a person of many friends, but sometimes I enjoy the solitude and tranquility, is a time to reflect and meditate.

But if I had to choose a special person would choose my best friend with her I feel that I can share that experience, because it is the person with whom I feel more at ease and comfortable, there is always topic of conversation and lots of fun when we spend time together.

French Polynesia is a place so beautiful, so magical seems like a landscape from another planet, I take this opportunity here to visit all the places, beaches, and all its flora and fauna, also take this opportunity diving in these crystal waters, for to see the beautiful underwater world.

The day of the protagonist of the movie is very strong, is very distortion for me, I hope never live a day like is. I dont like the drungs, I feel very fear of the person that consume drugs.