viernes, 12 de noviembre de 2010

My favorite game

hello friends, today is topic is to talk about my favorite game when I was a kid, I personally had fun playing a fun game, in the company of my friends and sisters, I have many fond memories of that time in my life when there were no concerns, which had no university assignments and tests, and when life revolved around the games. My favorite games were "hidden" and "pinch", the hidden is a game where everyone must find the best place to hide and a person must count to 100 and get out for children who are in hiding, this game was fun, and the "pinch" I liked that so he could run very strong, this game consisted in making equipment and had a team that ran out and the other team should pursue, it was very exciting and fun, I remember I laughed a lot with my friends. The best thing about being a little girl was able to run all day with my friends and enjoy the summer days, whereas now I spend whole days locked in the university or at home doing work, and I feel sorry for wasting time valuable also miss my childhood friends, we hardly see any and that is very sad, I wish I could regain cotact with them and their families, but it is very difficult, because many years have passed.

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