lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

My best vacation

The Vacations that I most remember are the last summer, when I went to the beach the Canelillo,this is a very nice beach has a very white sand, some very small waves, especially for swimming, a the most beautiful scenery and great is when you go way to the beach, because you must pass in between a forest very large tree, is a special place to take lots of pictures, that place I went for a period of a month, and I went with my best friends, kavi, and Marielita jovi, we planned a long time that holiday and raise money all year to be much vacation time.

We were so excited about our trip, the day we reached the beach first thing we did
was put on the bathing suit and went swimming in the sea, remember that it was very hot, and the beach had many people.

We woke early in the morning I remember that day we were all taking the afternoon sun, to achieve a perfect tan, but at night something funny happened to us, for the reason that we were deeply tanned, we hurt so much the body, it hurt us to the clothes, for this reason, the next day we got a lot of sunscreen to protect our body, remember that this day was unforgettable days were perfect from start to finish.

These visits were important to me, as happened after the earthquake that affected the south-central area of our country, and for this reason I now fear him a bit of the sea and I think I will be very difficult to return to enjoy the sea and beach after the tsunami.

viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

Hello friends today I will tell you how I felt on Monday in my dissertation. I decided to talk about my favorite, I love shopping is something that relaxes me too much, I thought it would be very easy because I studied a lot of my presentation, and perfectly understood everything I said, but at that moment I felt very very nervous I thought my heart pounded, and my body trembled from head to toe, I think if I had been more relaxed had left the dissertation perfect.

I usually get nervous when I do my presentations in university, but to me something very strange happening with the English, I have him too afraid to speak English, I can not speak in public too, in my house when I can talk and practical think in English, but when compared to another person etsoy I intimidated, and I feel that I forget everything, I hope some day I lose this fear, I much more complicated, because in my career will be very necessary.

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

My Eternal problem with the english

Today I will tell you how hard it is for me to learn English from a very small my father tried to teach him to speak English with petty things such as greeting in English, or say good morning.

The always wanted me and my sister we speak two languages, works in a hotel that welcomes tourists from around the world and we always talk about how important and necessary that is English in all parts of the world.

I never interested in learning, I spoke in English and although I understood what I was saying is, I answered in Spanish.

I am a person very structure, is for this reason that I can´t learn english, I can´t only listen to the teacher, I need after study, concept learn and before practice.

The only subject in the I am not good is english, because I not have kill.

When in the university my teacher simon, put the radio and we have that listen conversation, I never nothings understand, is very difficult for me, and I feel very frustrated, I occasions in that I think in overcome.

I hope that some day I can learnd english for pass english three.

lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

My favourite photo is with my best friend!!!

This photo was taken on March 6 of this year. This picture is
very important to me, and every time I watch I am very happy. I like this picture because I am out with my best friends I have known them for many years and have always been with me. That day we met to laugh and to talk of many things. I love looking at this picture when I miss.
The reason is that we all studied and often do not have time to get together, this is a very entertaining picture, and we were very happy when photography was taken. The not take any person, we wanted to have a photo together, it is for this reason that we put in automatic mode.
In this picture are my best friends, kaviria and jovi, but also my best friend erick, he is like the big brother I never had.
The place when was taken is la house of my friend jovi, that is her betroom, that day we were all day together, a delicious pizza lunch, and at night we share a new drink called "mistral ice" talked all night, and went to sleep at dawn. On Thursday again to arrange another meeting and I am sure the great pass, I do not know what would do without my friends, I am very happy to have you by my side.

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

My favorite place to visit

This is the hardest question I have had to respond, the reason is because very young I just think to travel around the world, one of the reasons I chose to study a degree in geography is to travel.

My favorite place is I like to visit Egypt, I dream to visit that place someday, I like to visit this country, for me I imagine that the culture of that place must be very different from ours and very misty. I really like to go to all the fairs Egypt where they sell the most beautiful ornaments for women is clothing, I would like to buy many tissues, and also buy lots of jewelry with precious stones. I'd like to visit the pyramids of Egypt and explore the desert in camel caravans.

I think it would be an interesting place to visit, because otramanera known to live life in this place a lot more people are believers and are very wedded to their culture, which is very different from what happens in chile, which increasingly is more influnciado by globalization. Also I must admit I love how women are dressed with all her jewels and dresses so pretty, I loved to be born hubeira me in this country.

lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

The Earthquake Of Pablo Corvera

One week before the earthquake I was in Constitucion with some friends in holidays. we are 5 friends in the house of one of them and we met a lot of people and beatiful places. One day before the earthquake three of us came back to Santiago, but the others two friends stayed there.
When I listened about the tsunami in Constitucion i tried to comunicate with my friends and o knew that a wall fell in one of my friend and he broke his leg, he is ok (SP)riath now. Also the tsunami flooded the house of my friend but he and his family are ok.

Almost (V) the places that I knew a few days (SP)bofore the earthquake were destroyed(Iloca, Consitutucion and Duao).
I have lucky from stay in Santiago and not in Conti.
Here in Santiago i was in a party in the moment of the earthquake and everybody in the party were scary, but everybody were ok, just some glasses and some plats broke.

In the morning when a went back to my house i couldn't take a bus and I sow a lot of walls from houses and building on the floor for example a school in Maipu and a church in Providencia. Not necessary(Ones) in my house i had to clean and order beacuse everything fell in my house.

I have never lived something similar, is very sad see the news in the TV and Know about the people (SP) hoo lost everything.

Check the blog of pablo corvera

Today I have to check the blog of Pablo corvera
your blog is very red and lots of green ajajaja is nice but I prefer
softer colors. Says he does not like to write a lot in his blog, but just as he does all its tasks.

The first task he did was tell his experiences in the earthquake, was a powerful experience. He had much luck in Santiago before traveling to the earthquake.

His second task, the told us what was your favorite movie, your favorite movie is the lion king, that is very sweet of you, I thought a movie would be more rude. I have never seen and people are impressed when I tell them.

His third task was to speak a story and chose the kiss between two players manshester united,is a very interesting history and a little funny.

In his fourth task he talk about things you enjoy doing in your free time, and not very incredible, because it is equal to all men, he like to play football and drink beer jajajjajajjaja ( is a joke little).