jueves, 26 de agosto de 2010

The Best Book! Brave New World

Hello friends, today I will tell you about a book that really touches my heart, usually I read a lot, I like to amuse myself by reading a good book, I like the novels and science fiction, whenever I have free time I take to start a new book, the last I read was "Brave New World" Aldous Huxley, this book imagines a society that used genetics and cloning for the conditioning and control of individuals. In this futuristic society, all children are conceived in test tubes. They are genetically conditioned to belong to one of the five categories of population. Of the more intelligent the more stupid: Alpha them (the elite), the Betas (performers), the Gammas (junior employees), the Deltas and Epsilon (for hard labor.) 'The Brave New World "also describes what would be a perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of democracy, a prison without walls in which the prisoners would not sound to escape. A system of slavery where, thanks to consumer and entertainment, the slaves "would have the love of his servitude."

I chose to read this book, a very good friend recommended it, I found very interesting theme of the book and read it in a very short time, she used to read on the bus, on my way to college, and the nights before going to bed, I really recommend it, is a bit fantastic, but very good and I personally had so much fun reading it, I think that reading is important because it helps to have a better spelling and also helps you to expand vocabulary, I think it also helps to have more imagination.

jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

Alejandro Sanz (L)

I am a person who likes very much to know many places, I like to spend my time whith my friends and my family, I think that the best of the world is to enjoy your time and make all the that you like.

I have a remember very nice of a visit of the conciert of Alejandro Sanz, was when I have 14 years old, was a experience very nice, because I loving your muisc and too he!!

He is the only singer of romantic music that I listen, I feel many things when I listen your music and your lyrics, all his songs speak about history of the live and always have a songs specified for the moment exactly.

I remeber when to go the conciert, I go with my best friends kaviria, we were long time in a file 3 hours aprpoximately, but was very funny, because we talk with many people and we laugth very much.

He singer all his songs known,

When star the conciert, was very exciting, I remember that we was very happy, and singer all the songs. My favourite songs is name "my solitude and me", is a song that talk about a men that call a his woman, when she is with other men, the couple not can´t are together, is very sad, but is a history very nice.

In march of the present year, alejandro sanz to return to chile, but I can´t go to his conciert, I hope can go the next time.

jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

Free Fall

It is very difficult for me to choose a single activity, because there are many things I would do, but what I like best is to practice free fall, the reason for my choice is that I think is a very original and very exciting.

I think this activity is very interesting because it breaks all bounds of human beings. I think it's a wonderful experience and a unique in the world. I think many people are afraid to throw the plane, but if you use a parachute, I think there should be no problem.

Once I saw a movie where the protagonist practiced this activity, and said one thing that I find much logic, said that when jumping from a plane was as close to God that one might be, and it was the most amazing experience, where the human being could feel almost like a god.

I hope that when I become a professional can make my dream come true, but that is very necessary to have money and proper equipment.

Someday I hope to feel this sense of freedom, and I would like to have this experience with my best friends.